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China’s Beidou GPS Navigation System Is Quickly Going Global

China’s ambitious plans for expanding the network of its GPS satellite navigation network Beidou’s reach across the world is likely to materialize soon as it will be going global to serve the world within just a couple of years as it has launched more than 10 satellites in 2018 itself. China’s leading media agency stated that Beidou’s system is already utilized by the transport and agriculture industry as well as to operate precision missiles. The process of designing indigenous GPS satellites by China was begun to reduce the dependence of its military on American GPS systems but now it has started providing commercial benefits.

Government authorities order around 33500 Beijing private taxis to install the Beidou and stated that all taxis in the country will be guided by its navigation system by 2020. Leading Chinese Smartphone brands are compatible to Beidou. However, Apple has not complied with the same. Speaking about its future growth its chief designer Yang Chagfeng said that Beidou’s main ambition is to have as many international clients as possible. It commenced operations in China back in 2000.

The entire Beidou network will comprise of around 35 satellites when it is completed in 2020 and will provide coverage across the globe. The ambitious network is a part of China’s long-term plan to be economically and technically strong so that it does not have to depend on others for mission-critical applications. With its own satellite system, its state secrets are more secure and free of hacking attempts in times of conflict. As of now, 3 similar systems around the world are in use. These are Glonass from Russia, Galileo of Europe and famous GPS from the USA. Chinese officials claim that its third generation version is as accurate and reliable as GPS with positioning accuracy of 8.2 feet that will improve to centimeter level accuracy as new ground stations are set up.

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