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FB Deceptive Says, Campaigners, As It Sends Personalized Ads Using Customer Data

One of the campaigns has termed Facebook as deceptive for the manner in which it manages the data used by users to make their profiles more secure.

A lot of people use their phones to serve as secondary identification when logging into Facebook. It has been identified via analysis that this information is employed to customize advertisements presented to users on Facebook.

This information about focused advertisement campaigns was revealed by a research conducted by the researchers at the Northeastern University and Princeton University and also from the tests conducted by Gizmodo.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation stated that the contact info is shared by users to enhance security and they have no idea that this info is being used for advertising purpose. The EFF also announced that in several scenarios, despite not having been shared explicitly, Facebook managed to get phone numbers and other personal info. This information gathered is known as Shadow Profile. The EFF also termed Facebook’s ways of generating advertisements as deceptive and invasive and lacked proper amount of security and privacy controls.

As reported by Natasha Lomas, Facebook was asked as to why the people who had used their mobile phone number are being targeted for advertisements. At that time, Facebook had attributed these advertisements to a bug present in the code of Facebook. Lomas also added that Mark Zuckerberg had assured that the shadow profile info is being collected for security reasons.

Facebook gave a statement that the information is being used to make available to people an improved, highly personalized experience on the social media platform. It also ensured that the company was clear about the ways in which the information collected and contact information provided by users was to be used.

It was highlighted that the users have the liberty of managing and removing contact information.

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