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FDA Contract For Fetal Tissue Canceled By Trump Administration

The group campaigning against Planned Parenthood with edited videos found a valid reason to celebrate after state health dept., declared its decision to terminate FDA’s contract with Advanced Bioscience Resources Inc for the supply of fetal tissue for research.  According to a recent press release the Health and Human Services Department stated that it will also review all past and present federal contracts for the acquisition of fetal tissue. This is being used for research work for the development of vaccines along with research in the treatment of diseases like Zika virus. The dept. stated this decision to terminate the contract was made as it did not have sufficient protections required to carry out fetal tissue research.

After the contract termination, HHS will carry out a detailed audit of human fetal tissue acquisition techniques by the firm to ensure that they conform to the procurement and use of tissue research regulations. This step is a major win for groups that have been campaigning for several months against use of fetal tissue in all kinds of research. During 2015, an anti-abortion-rights group had created a sensation by releasing videos claiming that Advanced Bioscience Resources was purchasing fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood and selling it to FDA for a profit.

Though the group agreed that it was an edited video they also released a full version that revealed Planned Parenthood officials speaking against making profits from the sale of fetal tissue. The paid that had made the video by posing as Advanced Bioscience employees have been charged with invasion of privacy. The HHS stated that FDA’s use of fetal tissue is important as it helps to carry out research in the treatment of critical illnesses related to various organs and genetic problems. The decision to terminate the agreement was made after 85 congress members wrote to FDA commissioner questioning its decision to continue working with Advanced Bioscience for procurement of human fetal tissue.

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