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Complaint Filed Against Facebook Messenger Kids App By Child Experts

Children’s and public health advocacy groups state that the kid-centric messaging application of Facebook defies federal rule by gathering personal details of kids without obtaining provable approval from their parents. The Federal Trade Commission was asked by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and additional groups to look into Facebook’s Messenger Kids for breaching the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

The complaint states the application doesn’t fulfill COPPA prerequisites as it does not attempt to ascertain that the individual who creates the child’s account and grants permission to have their information gathered is the actual parent. Actually, the groups state, someone can make a brand new, unreal account, and directly consent account of a kid without verifying their identity or age.

Facebook stated it has not yet assessed the complaint note. The firm has stated it does not display advertisements on Messenger Kids or gather information for marketing reasons, although it does gather some information it states is needed to operate the service.

However, the advocacy groups mention the Messenger Kids’ privacy policy is “vague & incomplete” and enables Facebook to reveal information to third parties as well as other Facebook services “for extensive, indeterminate business reasons.”

Although the firm states it has obtained loads of input from kids’ development experts and parents in developing the application, associations such as the CCFC have been attempting to get Messenger Kids closed since its rollout.

On the other hand, an investigation has been launched by the data regulator of Ireland on Facebook over the latest data breach that enabled hackers to access accounts of almost 50 Million users. The probe could probably charge Facebook over $1.6 Billion in penalties.

The Irish Data Protection Commission stated that it will scrutinize whether the US social media firm obeyed to the European regulations that were implemented earlier this year swathing data protection.

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