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A Child dies in Florida from Flu

In the first case of pediatric death due to flu for 2018-19, a child has passed away in the state of Florida. Although the details like the name, sex, age-group or location weren’t informed by the health department, the department mentioned that the child wasn’t provided proper vaccination for flu.

The flu season usually is set between the month of October and the month of May. The previous year season was much more severe throughout the nation, but as the virus inherently does not follow any pattern, present season could be unique in its own way. It’s important to mention here that during the year 2017-18, a total of 80,000 people met with death due to flu, which also included 180 children.

The huge number of deaths is also the result of the huge volume of cases. However, as in case of children, the major reason reported for death was not flu and hence there is no clear way of conducting analysis. Most of the children of this, as highlighted by Dr. Jerome Adams, had not been recipient of vaccination.

During the previous season of flu in Florida, in 2017-18 there had been approximately 9000 deaths due to influenza and pneumonia, along with eight cases of deaths of children due to influenza.

One more alarming concern is that the number of children receiving the vaccination is going down as compared to previous year. While there had been 59.3% of children and adults having had vaccination, the same number went down to 57.9% for the season.

There are efforts being put in by scientists to develop a more powerful flu vaccine. While the original vaccine brought down the chances of succumbing to flu by close to 40%, the vision is to develop a vaccine capable of bringing down infection to 10% or less.

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