$50 Million Settlement Demanded by Mariah Carey

$50 Million Settlement Demanded by Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey a pop singer demanded a settlement compensation of $50 million after having a bitter break up with her fiancé James Packer last month. She also informed Mr. Packer that she will be keeping her engagement ring worth $10 million.

Fans and other speculated that they might get back together after a public argument in September, because the singer was seen wearing her engagement ring on a dinner at Nobu in Malibu.

Her dinner outing not just comprised of her friends but also her backing dancer Bryan Tanaka, who has been the reason of Packers jealousy during the tenure of their engagement. It doesn’t mention anywhere that Mr Tanaka made any efforts to help the two reconcile in any way.

Ms Carey justified her compensation appeal by stating that she has uprooted her children from New York to Los Angeles so that Mr Packer could stay close to his own children. She also said that Mr. Pakcer made certain financial promises and expects Mr. Packer to Keep those intact despite the fact that a have had a bitter split. Ms. Carey also mentioned that she had to cancel her South American tour midway, due to the agreement that broke between the couple on a yacht in Greece, this last nail in the coffin for their break up. However, the cancellation of the trip midway was formerly blamed upon her promoters. Ms. Carey in her night at Nobu, was adamant to show Mr. Packer her importance by wearing a very revealing bralet top on skin tight leather leggings on a dinner in Malibu. This stunt wad pulled to make packer realise what he was missing out on.

The grapevine also surfaced soon whispers about an incident between Carey’s assistant and Mr. Packer. But Ms. Carey’s representative denied any infidelity in the relation on anyone’s part. As much confusing as it may sound Mr. Packer’s spokesperson said that the couple say reconcile. It was stated that the couple is not sure right now if they want to stay together or kiss each other good bye, but they definitely plan to share their decision with the public soon. Ms. Carey’s upcoming show is left floundering due the split. Despite the fact  that the focus of the show was Ms. Carey, the producers were hoping to reap benefits from their wedding as part of their story line.


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