A Range Of Changes Introduced By Uber To Assist Drivers In Enhancing Rider Behavior


In the recent times, the ride-hailing company, Uber, has made several changes to improve its service. And the cycle of improvement goes on. By now, Uber has already enabled the users to view their rating conferred by the drivers upon them. And now, the firm is rolling out a feature as a fraction of its initiative “180 Days of Change” in Canada and the United States, generally intended for the UberPOOL services, which can further enhance the response. With the new feature, the ride-hailing service will enable the drivers to select a particular reason for bestowing a specific rider a low rating when they confer a 4-star or lesser rating.

The Uber app’s latest upgrade will ask the driver partners “what went wrong” when they confer a 4-star or less rating and can then go on to opt from a listing of reasons that consist of “number of riders,” “wanted new route,” “attitude,” “patience,” “wait time,” or “other.” It does not end here; if a specific rider obtains the same option 2 times within a period of 30 Days, they will receive a notice that will notify them about the behavior that has led to their lower rating.

According to the company, now the drivers with every pickup will be getting an extra flat fare during their UberPOOL trip. The transforms do not end here as the firm says that it will be introducing a new feature that will offer routes to the drivers in a more efficient way. To be specific, the drivers were headed by the app previously to take directions that were considered to be quicker but now they will be instructed to take ways that have 20% fewer turns, according to the report.

Lastly, UberPOOL riders, with dynamic drop-offs, will be dropped off at a close by turn as opposed to the exact place as well. These alterations appear to be mostly pro-drivers but may finish up making the riders bothered. Although these transforms are a fraction of the “180 Days of Change” program in Canada and the United States, Uber mentions the users can hunt for updates in other regions as well.


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