Alphabet Inc’s VR Headset Technology Will Soon Be Available in The Market


Alphabet Inc’s upcoming product “VR Headset” is expected to be released on November 10th this year. Although Google has announced its release just a month back, this clearly states that this product is definitely in manufacturing process, since then or soon after they have announced. The best thing about Alphabet Inc’s VR headset is, they are compatible with recently launched Phones by Google itself, includes Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google has announced that this VR Headset will be available for $79 (US) and they will be available on Google Store. Additionally, this product will be available in Canada, Germany, UK and Australia too.

The only change which will be a visible change is the cost of Google VR Headset. The price of this product will vary according to the geographic location, like in Australia this product will be the costly one, as its price will be $91. In Canada $73.96 for US $79 Germany $76.45 last but not the least in UK $84.61.

It is expected by the VR Analysts, by 2020 will be the profitable year for Alphabet Inc as until then via this VR headset Technology company will be able to make $40 billion, huge amount it is.

For the new version of Android, Nougat, this daydream VR will prove to be a flawless device. This VR Headset technology is a user-friendly device, as the ones who are new to this device can easily slide in to explore and enjoy.  In VR headset box, there is a motion Sensitive remote and wrist strap, so the chances of losing the remote controller could be low while using the device.

Alphabet’s New VR headset device is designed in such a manner that the users can use this device according to their comfort zone. This device is designed to give a cinematic experience to the users in their homes too.

It actually allows the users to enjoy games in such manner that they have not experienced it before. Its future prediction is that Google’s VR Headset device will soon feature apps, such as Hulu VR, Google Play Movies, YouTube VR, and more. Via this the users will be able to have their own video content library which can be accessed by them anytime.

Waiting for 10th November, couldn’t wait to experience this new VR technology which was never experienced before. After this announcement, it seems like Alphabet Inc is planning to design something beyond our imaginations.

Let’s see How Things Will Work Out, Fingers Crossed!


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