Angelina sends Bold Message to Brad Pitt



Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been in a dispute for some time regarding custody of their children. However, it seems that Jolie has up-heaved the matter, by making the entire arrangement of the custody agreements, which serve as a provisional one, free to the public.

Affect on Children

This may cause some harm to the children, as they at the end are sons and daughters of widely acclaimed celebrities.

Steve Mindel, a family law expert remarked on the matter, “Now that she’s filed this document, people are getting more information about her children: where they are, what their schedules are, and so forth.

And at their wealth level, privacy is very important for their safety. Her filing is definitely sending a message to Brad that she wants this more in the public than less in the public.” As of October till now, no real events or arrangements have even alternated, as Brad, now 52, approved of a therapeutic visit to his children, and Jolie possesses the firm physical guardianship as of now for all their six children.

As included in the documents, Ian Russ, PhD psychologist will serve as the designated person to appoint the visits, along with occasional and spontaneous drug/alcohol tests four times within a month. The six children will also partake in therapy sessions to keep them off the edge.

In regards to Jolie’s daring and unprecedented move to make this available to the public, a source exclaimed “This is pure spin and manipulation, as absolutely nothing has changed. The original agreement is temporary and voluntary and that has not changed in the slightest; absolutely no binding agreement has been made, no final decisions have been made, and there is nothing that should be presented as a legally binding custody arrangement at this time. There is zero legal purpose for filing this. Zero.”

Jolie requested a divorce from Pitt back in September after an apparent quarrel Pitt had with their 15 year old son Maddox amidst a flight.





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