Apple Inc Has Received a Store Permit in Chicago


$62 million is the amount, which Apple Inc has set aside for its future Apple Store, location which is decided by the Apple Team for their future retail store is North Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

After a construction permit issued by Chicago’s City Planning Depart, this rumor has turned out to be an official news and via this $62 million budget is also been an officially declared amount for the retail store along with the location.

It is predicted by the Apple insiders that this retail Store in Chicago will outshine their other retails stores available around the globe including Apple’s San Francisco flagship store costing the iPhone makers approximately $23.6 million, not only in terms of the space, but also its interior design and architecture.

It seems like, before Apple Inc got the permit they had already started planning for their new retail store in Chicago, especially after the store’s architectural renderings surfaced earlier this month. As now officially, Apple has a green light signal from the Chicago City Planner Officials and they are now looking forward to complete the permit process as soon as possible.  The tech giants have also separated an amount of $375 for the store permit fee too.

After hearing such news, our expectations are quite high now. The location chosen for the future retail outlet is along with the Chicago River in North Michigan Avenue District, one idealistic place to have an amazing outlet. We believe that the company’s outlet will actually give us a positive shock in terms of its design and architecture, as this will possibly be Apple’s biggest outlet as compare to other available outlets all around the globe.

The former speculations highlight that the store design will be completed by the famous Norman Foster of Foster+ Partner Architecture, but officially it is not announced any where so this news is still considered to be a rumor in the market.

Since the Company has paid utmost attention to make this store environmental friendly, there are higher chances that the new Apple store in Chicago will eventually lead up on the elements used in the construction of its 20 sqft store, sounds something unusual in positive manner.

Specially in the crowded hub like North Michigan Avenue, this new Apple’s store will eventually be the best source of help to lure in more users.

After all the details including the budget, location and team efforts, this is for sure, whatever Apple Inc is planning for its new North Michigan Store this is not usual and is way too different from their other store. Nothing is yet being confirmed it is more like rumors about how this 20 sqft outlet will turn out to be.

Finger Crossed! Hoping to Have Something Big, Bigger and Biggest of all.  Stay tuned for more details


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