Apple Watch Notification Credited to Save The Life of US Man


An Apple Watch is being credited for saving the life of a New York man after the app facilitated him to recognize indications of a severe blood clot. Brooklyn-based James Green tweeted, “Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought two years ago would save my life. Saw my heart rate go up, ended up being a pulmonary embolism or a blood clot in the lungs.”

The 28-year-old fellow said he received a notification from the HeartWatch app—it is an app accessible for the Apple Watch that informs wearers when their resting heart rate dips below or rises above a particular threshold. The app, in this case, informed him that his heart rate was constantly above his normal heart rate, that is, 54 beats/minute.

Green mentioned, “That together with other signs, I was having sufficient data I required to act on and recognized it was not a panic attack (as I have severe generalized anxiety), but something more.” A CT scan done at the hospital confirmed there was a blood clot in Green’s lung and was given anticoagulants. His doctor stated the clot could have been lethal if Green had lingered longer to receive medical attention. Green mentioned he was curious about information on his heart as he earlier suffered from pulmonary embolism (previous to this latest one).

As per Mayo Clinic, an irregular or rapid heartbeat can be an indication of a pulmonary embolism. The impasse caused by the coagulates can make the heart work harder to drive blood through the vessels, which in turn might result in elevated blood pressure within the lungs.

Green is not the first individual to praise a fitness tracker or smartwatch with saving their lives. A high-school senior, in September 2015, said his life was saved by an Apple Watch after the device notified he had a heart rate of around 145 beats/minute. A test divulged that he had rhabdomyolysis, a state in which a protein is released by the muscles that harm the kidneys and other organs.

Do you have any such experiences with fitness trackers or smartwatches? If yes, do share them with us.


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