Are Boxing Day bargain hunters at risk of terrorism? Armed police out in force to protect shoppers


Armed police and undercover anti-terror squads are out in force today in Britain to protect bargain hunters against any potential attack on Boxing Day.

Concrete barriers have also been erected across a number of cities to protect shoppers, as well as the tens of thousands of partygoers expected to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Trafalgar Square, London.

The sweeping measures are being put into place following the Christmas market massacre in Berlin, in which a terrorist turned a lorry into a weapon, ploughing through shoppers at a festive market, killing 12 people and injuring dozens more.

Around 80 undercover officers are expected to be on duty in areas popular with Boxing Day shoppers, including Oxford Street and the Westfield shopping centres. Meanwhile, there is heightened security at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland event in London as well as more armed and undercover officers travelling on London’s Tube network.

Security measures

Police forces across Britain are reviewing their security measures following the devastating attack on Berlin, with armed officers out in force in the last few days at Christmas markets and at church services, which were thought could be the target of terrorists looking to hit the UK at Christmas.

Scotland Yard also announced that extra security measures would be in place for the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, in a bid to protect both military personnel and tourists.

Anti terror officers say they know that ISIS, and associated groups, like to target places where there will be large crowds, and where they can inflict maximum damage, so that is where they are tightening up security.

The increased measures following the shooting of Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri, who was killed by police in Milan on Friday. A rookie cop shot him dead after he pulled out a gun when asked to show his ID.




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