Authorities in Cologne Deny They Had Racially Profiled North Africans


Authorities from Cologne, Germany have been denying several accusations thrown towards them in which it has been claimed that they were racially profiling North African males and arrested about 650 of them in an attempt to avoid another mass rape rampage like that of last year.

The authorities had spotted “Nafris,” a common term that refers to North Africans, around the train station of Cologne and at the Deutz district.

The term Nafris sparked a major uproar from people online as they accused the Cologne police for suspecting and then arresting these men due to a strictly racial stereotype.

Racial Profiling Denial

Juergen Mathies, a police chief from Cologne responded to these accusations and declared that this is far from the truth to the matter, as their primary motive in arresting these individuals was to avoid another violent mass sexual assault like to what happened the previous year.

Mr. Mathies added that all of the 650 males who were taken into custody had North African descent, but then stated that “their characteristics were such that potential crimes could indeed be expected.”

History Not to Repeat Itself

Last year in Cologne approximately 1,000 women in the city had fallen victim to sexual assault, and robbed by men in which it turned out to be several if not most were North African males.

The Cologne authorities were ordered this year to intervene as soon as possible before any potential risk of a similar situation can be repeated.

Such an incident had prompted outrage and disapproval of German chancellor Angela Merkel from permitting several more refugees who had been fleeing from war torn countries such as Iraq and Syria.

Although several citizens had pointed the blame towards the oncoming refugees in Germany, it was later revealed that only 3 out of the 58 of those who had been taken into custody had come from Syria and Iraq.


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