Black America steels itself for Trump Presidency


The Black American community is reportedly preparing for the incoming Trump presidency, and sad to see current president, Barack Obama departs according to The Daily Beast.

Donald Trump was upbeat about black voters not coming out to vote in the election on this Thank you tour.  He said, “We did great with the African-American community. They didn’t come out to vote for Hillary. They didn’t come out. And that was a big—so thank you to the African-American community.”

According to The Daily Beast, The Republican Party imposed voter restrictions that disproportionately harmed black voters in predominantly African American states.  In southern states turnout decreased, sometimes by as much as 5%.

The Beast points to Shelby County vs. Holder and the nationwide rise in voter restrictions for the democrat defeat.

However, according to The Beast, Hilary Clinton herself was not popular by large swathes of black voters.  Her “super-predators” comment from the 1990s made her unelectable among the community and many decided that by not voting, they were mounting a protest that would encourage change.

With a stony silence about this tactic, many concluded they were inconsequential to the Democratic Party campaign.

Barrett Holmes Pitner, writing in the Daily Beast makes it clear that the wheels are in motion to disenfranchise black voters.  The appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is one area where civil rights groups are concerned.  There is a strong belief that he will cut the civil rights division in the Justice Department which will cause adverse effects to the black community.

Pitner believes that what is needed is a new black leader to emerge, especially with America’s first black president set to leave office.  He also states that the black community faces the same obstacles it has always done.

He wrote, “The black community still faces the same basic threat of systematic disenfranchisement. American democracy has largely been structured around legitimizing and striving to find common ground with those who want to oppress black Americans and instituting structures that prevent us from having a voting electorate strong enough to influence any facet of our democracy. And sadly this has not changed.”

Donald Trump’s inauguration is in a few weeks time.


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