British couple living the dream on sunshine isle are found dead in “odd” circumstances


A British couple who had moved to Cyprus for a better life were found dead together in “odd circumstances,” an inquest into their deaths has heard.

Ken Lincoln, a 59 year old retired builder, and his 56 year old wife Linda were found dead in their house in the popular resort of Kapparis.

Their deaths remain something of a mystery after post mortem examinations found that the couple died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, while their property smelled strongly of gas, their heater was not found to be faulty.

Coroner Yvonne Blake said that the deaths were “odd,” and that there was nothing to suggest they had been trying to commit suicide or that anyone else was involved.

An open verdict has now been recorded after the inquest failed to reach a verdict. The pair had living in Norfolk, but had moved to live in Cyprus permanently a decade ago.


They were found dead on their sofa when a colleague of Mrs Lincoln’s became worried when she did not turn up to work at the Xenion High School in Paralimini. The colleague sent her husband to check on them, leading to the grim discovery.

He became even more worried when he saw condensation had built up on the windows of their house. When another friend managed to open up the shutters at the back of their home, the pair were found on the sofa.

It is understood from local police reports that a gas cylinder which was outside their house had been turned on when the couple were found. Police were called and found the house smelled strongly of gas.

Paramedics were called immediately and tried to bring the couple round. But, there was nothing that could be done and they were declared dead. While no fault was found with their heater, their bodies were found to contain carbon monoxide levels 50 per cent above deadly levels.






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