British woman dies after falling 300ft on Madeira holiday


A keen hiker has died after falling 300ft from a popular hiking trail in the Portuguese island of Madeira.

The woman, 43, had been walking with her husband on the Levada do Norte route when the accident happened.

It is understood Madeira was one of her favourite destinations and that she had been on her third trip to the island.

The woman, who has not yet been officially identified, fell to her death in the Eira do Mourao, where some trials are as high as 3,000 feet.

It had been raining on the island in the hours leading up to the accident and it is understood she may have slipped from the trail.

Emergency services were called but could not do anything to save her as she had died instantly at the scene.

Rescue operation

The woman’s devasated British partner told rescuers that everything had happened so quickly that he was unable to do anything to save her. It is understood that the pair are both British, but were currently living in Austria.

Rescue workers brought the woman’s body off the trail, taking four hours to bring her down from the walking area. One of the firefighters who helped in the rescue said that the steep terrain and dangerous precipices meant it took hours to bring her body down.

Following her death, there have been calls for extra safety features to be put in place on the trails to prevent any further accidents.

Commenting on the RTP Madeira Facebook page, which showed video footage of the rescue oepration, one person urged the government to put up “balconies” in areas with chasms as a matter of urgency.

There have been a number of deaths on the trails in recent months. In March this year, a German tourist in his 60s died in Funchal, while last year, another German tourist, 62, was killed in a fall.





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