Caregiver Arrested After Elderly Woman Injured


Brenda Floyd, 59, a caregiver, was arrested by authorities after she had been accused for injuring an elderly woman, Dorothy Bratten, during an incident that was captured on camera.

The incident took place on January 1st at a house situated at block 800 at Oak Valley.

In the video, Floyd is seen striking the elderly patient on her head, and swearing at her repeatedly as she criticizes her for giving food to the dog.

As the elderly victim attempts to get up from the chair in the living room and leave with her walker, Floyd is seen to continue in hitting and screaming at her.

The court records reveal that the victim’s son placed a camera in the home once he noticed that his mother had several bruises and other unusual injuries on the body of his mother.

Helpless Old Woman

The elderly woman is 94 years old and reports have revealed that she suffers with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Memorial Village Police have stated that Floyd was arrested for assault on intentionally hurting the disabled and elderly.

The authorities stated last Friday that Floyd was taken into custody at block 7200 situated in Fulton, in the northern region of Houston.

Tipped Off

A resident within the area had apparently recognized Floyd’s face and was aware of her crime due to the reports from the media.

Floyd’s whereabouts was then given to the authorities who eventually came and arrested her.

Bratten is not a mental state to be able to speak on her own behalf, and after injuries had been apparent on her body, her family had been concerned and decided to place a camera system within the home.

In the shocking video Floyd is heard shouting to Bratten and telling her “Why you feed that dog human food!” Floyd then strikes Bratten several times on the back of her head along with the side of her body as she continued to insult and shout at her.


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