Case for Bill Medley’s Ex-Wife’s Murder Solved


Karen Klaas, the ex-wife of Bill Medley, the front man singer of the Righteous Brothers was murdered in January of 1976.

More than 40 years have passed since the matter and officials have stated as of now that thanks to a DNA test that was carried out, they were able to identify the murderer.

According to them, Kenneth Eugene Troyer was the suspect and had been killed by the police back in 1982.

Jim McDonnell, the County Sheriff of Los Angeles claims stated that Troyer was the believed suspect behind the murder of Klaas.

The Tragic Slaying

Klaas, who was 32 years old at the time of her death, was said to have been on her way back to her house that was located within the vicinity of Hermosa Beach.

As she was on her way back, she had been raped and then her pantyhose was used to strangle her to death.

Klaas never came back to consciousness and had been pronounced dead several days later as she lay in the hospital.

However, investigators following this case then resorted to a DNA testing method which has been criticized due to its ethical nature.

Successful, Yet Frowned Upon

The method, referred to as familial DNA, was used and took a DNA sample that had been taken from scene of the murder.

A ‘first-degree relative’ of the suspect Troyer was then identified through this method. The authorities have not disclosed the identity of the relative.

The familial DNA method has been criticized regarding its ethical manners, and has also been frowned upon by the forensics community.

The process allows investigating teams to search through databases of law enforcement agencies in order to find a probably relative of someone who is suspected to have committed a crime.

Officials have stated that regardless of the criticism on this matter, this method proves to offer investigators with worthy and relevant leads to a crime.

McDonnell remarked on this matter by saying that it was only through familial DNA testing that they were able to finally reveal the true identity of the man who committed this gruesome murder, and Troyer has been confirmed as the killer.


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