Caught: The second Pentonville prisoner


The second of two prisoners who made an audacious bid for freedom from Pentonville jail has been caught.
James Anthony Whitlock, 31, had managed to remain on the run for a week after using bed sheets and diamond cutters to break out of jail with his cellmate.
However, he has now been found and arrested in Shepherd’s Lane, east London.
Whitlock escaped along with attempted murderer Matthew Baker, 28.
The pair had stuffed their beds with extra bedding to make it look as if they were occupied. They then used diamond cutters to cut their cell bars before reportedly lowering themselves to the ground using bed sheets tied together.
Baker had already been found, having broken his leg in two places during the escape bid, allegedly hiding under a bed at his sister’s house in Ilford.
The escape led to a major Scotland Yard manhunt with police warning members of the public not to approach the prisoners.
Police say that Whitlock has now been found and detained for being unlawfully at large.
Another two men, aged 48 and 19, were also arrested on suspicion of helping him.
All three men have been taken into custody at a police station in north London.
Meanwhile, Baker has been taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries.
His sister Kelly Baker, 21, has appeared before magistrates accused of harbouring him as well as buying hair dye so he could alter his appearance. A 33-year-old man and 24-year-old woman have also been arrested in connection with assisting an offender.
Police had already said that they thought both offenders would be at the homes of friends or family.
The breakout is just the latest crisis to hit the UK prison system. Pentonville was said to be a “soft target” by Steve Gillan, the general secretary of the Prison Officers Association because its windows are in a “dilapidated” state.
According to a visitor who had been at the prison when the prisoners’ disappearance was discovered, the pair had used bed sheets to escape from a window before scaling a perimeter wall.
Baker was awaiting sentencing after being convicted of stabbing a man during a fight in Dagenham.
Whitlock, meanwhile, had been charged with conspiracy to burgle ATMs.
Their escape followed a mass riot at HMP Bedford, where a disturbance broke out in a row over lockdowns caused by staff shortages.


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