Center Government Alone Can’t Modify The Time Limit For Mobile-Aadhaar Linking


The Center told the top court this week mentioning an order approved by the supreme court that all users had to connect their Aadhaar with mobile phone numbers by February 6, 2018, below E-KYC confirmation and production of Aadhaar evidence was obligatory for opening new accounts in the bank. The new affidavit of the Center, which filed via advocate Zoheb Hossain and going all long through 113 pages, claimed that it was the SC that had accepted the rule for obligatory Aadhaar-mobile phone connection on February 6, 2017, in the Lokniti Foundation case with a time limit of 1 Year. The government also emphasized that no starvation death had accrued anywhere due to anyone not carrying Aadhaar.

The time for linking mobile phone number with Aadhaar cannot be changed by the government independently (as it is approved by the SC),” the Center claimed to the media in an interview. It further added that it has made a decision to expand the time limit for connecting Aadhaar with current accounts of bank till March 31, 2018. The declaration gains importance considering that while hearing an individual’s appeal this week, confronting the obligatory connecting of Aadhaar with mobile phones, a board of two judges of the SC had asked for the response of the government in upcoming 4 Weeks.

A Constitution board will hear a group of petitions confronting the expiry of Aadhaar on the basis that it breached right to privacy of citizens. In its new affidavit, the Center claimed, “Till March 31, current accounts of bank will not be made non-functional for not connecting with Aadhaar. But as far as opening new accounts in the bank are involved, enrolment ID or Aadhaar should be given as identity proof. For current holders of account, the time limit for Aadhaar-based verification is being expanded to March 31, 2018, and no coercive measure will be executed till then.”

Similar to the Aadhaar–mobile phone connection, the SC had authenticated the decision of Center for obligatory connecting of PAN with Aadhaar or filing of ITR, it claimed to the media in an interview last week.


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