Chile Rocked by 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake


A devastating earthquake with a recorded magnitude of 7.7 has struck the southern region of Chile on Christmas Day, forcing thousands to evacuate from the coastline regions.

There have been no confirmed reports yet regarding any victims or critical injuries to the residents who were in the area.

Onemi, the national emergency office in Chile had issued a warning to the nearly 5,000 residents along the coast to evacuate the region, along with ordering a guard watch for any expected or possible tsunamis to be undertaken.

According to Onemi, around 21,000 homes had been completely detached from electricity, along with one bridge that had was deemed to be impossible to pass through.

Tsunami Warning Issued

A possible tsunami attack had been issued towards regions that reached as far as 620 miles off of the epicenter of the earthquake.

However, the warning ceased to be a threatening matter as hours later it had demoted to a guard watch for tsunamis instead.

The Chilean navy announced that about eight of their ports halted any operations for the time being.

Quake Felt From Afar

Residents situated in the Andes Mountains in Argentina had also felt the rocking of the massive quake, but reports say that structures that were situated closer to the epicenter had not been severely affected.

Alamiro Vera, who owns the Cabanas Hotel located in southern Chile said although little to no buildings or houses were collapsing from the quake, it still was frightening regardless of the lack of damage. Chile has had infamous quakes in the past, with one specifically from 1960 that had resulted in over 1,655 deaths, and was recorded at that time to be the strongest quake yet to have struck Chile.

The location of the 1960 quake was in Valdivia, just south of the where the recent quake hit.


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