Circus of Ringling Bros. Closing Indefinitely


It has been announced that the famous Ringling Bros. Circus, which has been under business for over 146 years now will be closed indefinitely as of May, 2017, according to reports.

The American show has been labelled as the greatest show on the planet, but due to several factors the show has been forced to close down.

Such factors included the decrease of attendance to the shows, the increased budgets required for certain operations, the gradual change in taste of entertainment throughout each generation, and then the ongoing battle with animal rights activists.

These factors all combined together have led to the owner of the show in considering a complete and final closure to the show, after surviving for almost one century and a half.

The Hardest Decision

Kenneth Feld, the CEO of the company of Feld Entertainment remarked on the matter by saying that this by far has served as one of the biggest and most profound decisions he is yet to make.

The decision he continues not only affects him, but the rest of his family as well.

Last Saturday the Ringling Bros. Circus notified all of their employees and members about the recent decision they will be going through, just after they had performed some shows in Miami and Orlando.

Continuing Strong till May

The circus composes of several unique and astounding features such as animals from exotic locations around the world, shiny and eye dazzling costumes, and outstanding acrobatic performances.

The company has stated however that until their final closure in May, they will continue with the rest of their scheduled performances until then.

About 30 shows will be conducted throughout all over the United States in locations such as Washington, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and other places as well.

The last and final show will take place on May 21st and will be situated at the Nassau County Coliseum located in New York City.


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