Coat-Hanger Abortionist Released From Prison


Anna Yocca, 32, the woman from Tennessee who had received allegations of attempting to perform an abortion on herself by using a coat-hanger was released from prison after she decided to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order for her to be release from prison the same day.

Anna had spent over one year and one month in prison and pleaded guilty of “attempted procurement of a miscarriage” in order for her immediate released to be granted by the court.

Originally at the beginning of the case she had received a far harsher charge being attempted murder, according to the National Advocates for Pregnant Woman.

Anna was incarcerated at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center and was set free as of last Monday.


When the Murfreesboro Police Department took Anna into custody back in September of 2015, they had claimed that she had filled a bathtub with water and was about to proceed in conducting an abortion to herself by means of a coat-hanger.

However, Anna’s boyfriend had gotten extremely worried once Anna had been overly bleeding during the process so he rushed her to the hospital within the area, according to reports.

Wrong Mother for Child

Anna ended up giving birth to a premature child at the hospital and chose to undergo cesarean surgery. The child has been adopted upon its birth, according to reports on the matter.

The prosecutors have claimed that Anna had indulged in attempted murder as she used a coat-hanger to end the child’s life that had been growing for over 24 weeks up to that point.

The fine asked to Anna had amounted to a budget of $200,000 which she stated that she did not have the capabilities of following up on such a budget, and as a result was imprisoned until the date of her trial.


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