Comedian Rory McGrath Pleads Guilty to Harassing Women he previously Stalked


Comedian Rory McGrath best known for panel show appearances on “They think it’s all over”, has admitted to harassing a married woman at Huntingdon Magistrates Court.

McGrath has been accused of stalking the woman for over a year resulting in her needing psychiatric treatment and medication.

The court heard how he repeatedly approached her and tried to get into her work to see her.  He phoned her husband at his work and said he was a laughing stock.

McGrath, 60, rejected a charge of stalking but pleaded guilty to harassment a lesser offence.  Tuesday was the first start of his trial.

Continued Harassment

While admitting harassment he showed no emotion.  He admitted to the offence which he conducted between June 2015 and August 2016.  The harassment was persistent and he ignored complaints from the victim and her husband.  He also ignored warnings from the police.

The harassment took the approach of frequent messaging and approaching her in the street.  He also approached her when she with her husband and sent letters to her husband.

Anthea Harris, prosecutor said, “It is a stalking offence which continued over a 14-month period, there are a number of aggravating features, these are features which are deliberate and show evidence of pre-planning.

“The tenure (of the allegations) is striking and distasteful.”

This is not the first offence McGrath has ever been accused of.  In 2013 he was cautioned for three assaults after a group of people tried to help him when he was drunk and stumbling around.

He lashed out at a man and a woman and the man suffered a bloody nose and scratches.  McGrath was cautioned for assault by beating.

McGrath made his name on TV shows such as “Who dares wins”, “They think it’s all over”, and “Three men in a boat”.

His trial continues.


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