Cubans Prohibited From Entering the U.S. Without Visas


President Barack Obama, just one week before his term comes to a final closure, has announced that he has cancelled a 22 year old policy that has permitted Cuban citizens to arrive in the United States without any visas and yet be allowed to reside in the U.S. and ultimately still earn the U.S. residency.

Mr. Obama declared that this notion is to take effect immediately, as it would serve as a positive move regarding how the U.S. policy will serve migrants from all nations just the same as they will with Cuban migrants.

Within the statement released by President Obama was his assertive stance towards Cuban nationals who enter in the United States undocumented and illegally, and will earn no humanitarian assistance and will be deported from U.S. soil, as the law permits them to.

The Last Bang

This decision by Mr. Obama serves as final closure to almost 50 years of opposition and rivalry between Cuba and the United States, and to further reconstruct a normalized state regarding diplomatic relations with the country that former U.S. presidents throughout history had separated themselves from and abandoned.

According to President Obama, the Cuban government had approved with this recent move and agreed for the U.S. to have its Cuban nationals to be returned back to Cuba.

Wet Foot, Dry Foot

The rather bizarre ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy that was first created in the United States back in 1995 implies that any Cuban nationals who have been sighted and caught attempting to sail to United States soil will immediately be returned back to Cuba.

However, for those who have succeeded in reaching U.S. soil, they will be permitted to stay and are deemed eligible to apply for a permanent American residency legally.

This move had served a way to battle former Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s government, by permitting thousands of Cuban nationals who had been attempting to flee the tyranny in Cuba to enter the United States.


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