Dazzling light Installations Brighten up Mount Royal, Montreal for its 375th Birthday



Some dazzling outdoor light installations, named “Aurores Montreal”, have been set up on the east side of the small mountain of Mount Royal, Montreal. Artist Marc Seguin alongside the multimedia company 4U2C organized this “to offer a unique experience to Montrealers and Montreal lovers. This is reportedly in celebration of Montreal’s 375th birthday next month.


Between December 11th and January 1st 2017, Mount Royal will be lit up with a unique light display each day. The display spans across over 15,000 square meters of Mount Royal and also in many areas including Saint Joseph’s Oratory, the Biosphere and the Olympic Stadium.

Mount Royal is 764 feet high and four blocks wide. It’s a large volcanic-related “mini-mountain” immediately west of downtown, Montreal. It consists of three peaks: Colline de la Croix, Colline d’Outremont and Westmount Summit. It’s a well known monument of the city.

The light projections show off several displays, including an artificial aurora borealis (northern lights), displays of poetry and lyrics by Marie Uguay and Leonard Cohen. Each design changes per day to offer a new experience for Montrealers.


Josh Freed, Canadian writer, director and actor on Montreal Gazette, said: “The woods are alive with 40 huge projectors that reflect a video off the snow, rocks and trees. It’s literally movie time on Mount Royal, using the mountain as a huge natural screen you can see for miles.”

“It’s just the latest experiment in our city’s “glowing” revolution. Montreal is lighting up its buildings, monuments and streets, with a new winter motto: Let There Be Light! We live in a town where nature’s own lighting practically shuts down from November through February — a period I call La Grande Noirceur (the Great Darkness), when the light dies at 4 p.m. and your spirits die, too.”


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