DIY Diwali Home Decor Lanterns


During Diwali everybody is busy cleaning houses, making sweets and different types of namkeens. Greetings and gifts are passed on to the relatives and friends. Children are enjoying their Diwali vacations by firing crackers and eating sweets. It is a jovial environment.

During Diwali, your house is spic and span but if you want to add that extra aura to your house then you can decorate your house with the help of these wall hanging lanterns. These lanterns will add that extra festivity to your house.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Take the used tissue paper rolls and cover it with colored paper.

  1. Take two bright colored papers and cut it in the shape of the rectangle. The size of the rectangle should be big enough that it covers your tissue paper roll.
  2. Draw a line one inch away from the side of the rectangle. Then hold the paper horizontally and draw lines within the lines with a distance of 2 cm.
  3. Cut these lines till the line that is away from the side.

  1. Fold the ends of the rectangle and keep both the rectangles on top of one another but a little away from each other.
  2. Paste them and see to it that the strips of the paper are not facing each other.

  1. Now paste the paper on top of the roll and the other end of the paper to the bottom.
  2. With the help of your fingers give the strips a circular shape.

  1. Now pierce two holes on the roll, the two holes should be on the opposite side.
  2. Put a small ribbon through the hole and tie a knot

  1. Make some more lanterns in a similar way; you can also use your creative ideas and hang them all.


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