Does Kylie Jenner Knows How to Spell – the Word ‘job’?


Why would anyone ask Kylie Jenner how to get a job? When she doesn’t have a real one in the first place! Word to the wise – NEVER- EVER asks Kylie Jenner for help with finding a job

At least Good&Co found that out after creating a fake tweet appearing to be from Jenner as a marketing stunt for its job search app.

The 19-year-old reality star, who also sells lip gloss, responded to the fake screengrab, who had voiced her frustration over receiving ads for services she says don’t pertain to her.

The tweet which Kylie claims she didn’t send out reads, “I lowkey hate seeing ads that don’t apply to me. Keep getting promos for Good & Co, an app that helps people get jobs.”

Kylie hits back by stating that it is just a cheap marketing gimmick.

In the screengrab, the app company responds to the tweet with the ultimate diss: “Sorry you have to deal with our ads, but we’re here to help people! (We can’t all get paid off selfies and FitTea promotions).”

However, a representative for the company Good & Co. told the Daily News that the screengrabs of the exchange were actually “fan-made.”

“We are very sorry that Kylie is upset about the fan-made tweet exchange that cropped up on Tumblr,” the company said in a statement to The News.

The brand ultimately made a post to its blog centered around Jenner’s cosmetics brand. Twitter saw a barrage of tweets coming at Kylie. People took it to her profile and within moments the page resembled more of a marketing service’s fan page as supposed to an A-list Hollywood star’s profile.

These developments didn’t seem to bother Kylie, who, needless to say is not a fan of doing publicity stints for free.


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