Don’t Want To Hurt Hindu Sentiments, Am From Hindu Family: Kamal Hasan


    Tamil mega star Kamal Hasan announced about the work going on with developing his new political party; he also disclosed about an app named “#KH,” which is also in the process of development. Through this app, his fans can reach out to him and share their ideas and feedback on what all areas should he focus in his new role.

    When he was asked about when he would launch his career as a politician, he said, “I am already here”. He further said, “I am already working on the organizational part of my political party.”

    Last week with the actor’s controversial comment on right-wing terror groups clarified himself stating that his comments released for a Tamil magazine column may have been modified while translating it. “I never used the word terror; rather, I had used the word ‘extreme’.”

    Existence of Hindu terrorists cannot be denied, and that Hindus once opted to argue in order to prove their point, which now they rather choose to show their muscle power over verbal argument.

    “As I belong to a Hindu family, I don’t want to hurt the sentiments of Hindu, but I have chosen to walk on a different path now,” he stated.

    Because of his remarks, he started getting death threats and people accused him of hurting sentiments of Hindus.

    “My new political group will have little in common with the BJP,” said Mr. Kamal Hassan. He further added, “My color is not saffron.” Describing Tamil Nadu Government as corrupt and self-serving he has been indifferent towards them.

    By starting a party, my aim is not to hurt the Hindu sentiments. I do not want to lose my own family’s affection for me. But yes, if mistakes will be done, I will speak about it without thinking twice.


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