Enraged Woman Stabs Cheating Husband’s Mistress


Natasha Khan, 18, has just been sentenced to prison for three years and four months after she spotted a teenage girl that her husband had been cheating on her with and then approached her and stabbed her.

According to Natasha, she had been under a severely critical amount of stress as their child had been born prematurely, and then her husband had cheated on her afterwards with the teenage girl.

Leah Cryne, 18, the teenage girl that was stabbed, had been walking in a park with Natasha’s husband coincidentally one day and then Natasha raced up to her and proceeded to stab her.

A Woman’s Love

Miss Cryne had been stabbed about six consecutive times and was immediately hospitalized as she had received several injuries in areas such as her left arm along with her right shoulder as well.

The authorities had spoken to Miss Cryne as she was situated at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, and then had located Natasha and took her into custody.

At that time Natasha had been at the St. Mary’s Hospital where the one month old premature child she had given birth to, Aydin, had been suffering and was reaching its final moments.

The child was reported to have died at the end.

Enraged Phone Calls

The Minshull Street Crown Court was told that the entire incident had occurred after apparently both women had been on the phone with each other prior to the incident.

In the phone calls that took place, Miss Cryne allegedly exclaimed to Natasha that she sincerely hopes her baby dies, and once he does, she will personally go dig up his body from the grave and then spit on her son’s body.

After that Natasha responded and told her “Watch it, when I see you, God help you.

Natasha was then charged with intentional wounding, imprisoned, and has been issued a restraining order as well so she never contacts Miss Cryne forever.


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