European Union Prepares for Even More Migrants


Reports coming in have announced that it has been estimated that over tens of thousands of even more migrants from the war-torn country of Libya are expected to arrive sometime this year on the shores of Italy in order to seek refuge throughout Europe.

Statistics show that last year about 181,000 of what were referred to as ‘economic migrants’ had fled from Libya, and then attempted to cross over the Mediterranean Sea by way of unfit and shaky boats in order to start a life in Europe.

From those 181,000 about 4,500 have been reported as either dead or have simply disappeared.

The Persistent Hope

Just this month it has been revealed that several hundred other migrants have left Libya again in another attempt at crossing the Mediterranean, despite the harsh winter conditions.

It has been stated that about 100 of those migrants have already been missing as one of the boats had sunk somewhere off of the coast of Libya.

European leaders however have issued a warning for a further escalation in the crisis of oncoming migrants.

They have claimed that as soon as the weather stabilizes a bite more again and gets warmer, they should prepare to face several more migrants attempting to reach Europe, and several will probably resort to relying on smugglers.

Just Wait and See

Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta claims that as of next spring, he can guarantee that the crisis of oncoming migrants will most definitely transcend record levels.

Muscat added that in order for them to salvage the situation from the start, they need to hold urgent meetings in the months of April and May, or simply start right this instant and come up with propositions.

Turkey has already made a deal with the EU in the past in which they agreed to aid in the prevention of further migrants fleeing to the rest of Europe.

As a reimbursement, they are said to earn billions of euros as well as Turkish citizens being permitted to travel to other European countries without a visa.


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