Executive O’Hern Bids Adieu To Papa John On Wednesday


President of International Division of Papa John retires from the company.

Timothy O’Hern from Papa John is leaving the company. The executive has been working for more than 20 years in the company. He first started as a franchisee in the year 1993.

Even after his retirement, he says he would continue to concentrate on his nine franchises in Wisconsin and be a part of the company’s family.

The company is glad that he O’Hern will continue his connections with Papa John as a franchisee. It is said that O’Hern is leaving the company for personal reasons.

The company spokesperson has thanked O’Hern for his contributions to uplift the company and for continuing to be a part of the family of Papa John.

The company said in a statement on his retirement, “We expect a smooth transition”.

The racial slur by the company’s founder John Schnatter has been galvanizing into a storm. Papa John is now investigating the culture of the company and in its inclusion process and diversity. However, the spokesperson of the company says that the exit of O’Hern is not influenced by the investigation.

With many issues behind him, Schnatter had first given up his CEO position, and later he stepped down from being the chairman of the company. He had created a racial slur by using the N-word in a media trading session.

The international pizza chain faced several problems. Share prices fell down drastically by more than $80 per share. Sponsorship deals were stopped and Schnatter had to stay away from the company.

O’Hern had informed the board of directors on Wednesday that he would be retiring from his post immediately and the company officials had filed a notice regarding his retirement with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

O’Hern is considered as one of Schnatter’s trusted friends. His duties are to be continued by the current officials in the company.

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