FBI Hacked into IPhone of San Bernardino Shooter


The FBI has just disclosed about 100 pages of confidential information regarding an unidentified merchant in which they had agreed to hack into an iPhone that had been used by one of the attackers from the infamous San Bernardino shootings that took place in California.

However the 100 page documents did not reveal how much had been funded into this hacking and who had received the payment either.

The documents were released after a lawsuit had been filed by the Associated Press, Vice Media and Gannet against the FBI.

Always Another Way

The FBI came under heavy pressure by the media outlets in order for them to share and expose how much they paid to this unidentified merchant and who it was that was able to hack into Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone, who along with his wife had perpetrated the killings of 14 people in 2015.

The dilemma here is also that the FBI claims that only the Apple Company can strictly perform such an operation as iPhones are safeguarded with encryption codes.

However, it is clear that some other external member had aided the FBI to be able to breach through these encryptions of the Apple Company in order to hack into the phone.

Don’t Need to Know it All

The documents, which had been released by the FBI last Friday deliberately made sure to repress specific details about this matter which include how much money had been involved, who was the member that assisted them, and how did the Apple’s digital locks ultimately get broken through.

Prior to the documents being disclosed for the sake of the federal lawsuit against them, they had been labelled as confidential.

According to the contents of the documents as well, the FBI had apparently been curious in creating a product which would help in hacking into the phone, but it was revealed that no one had a workable solution to it in time for the FBI.


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