Festive party chaos on Britain’s streets as thousands of revellers overdo it


Britain’s streets have become filled with such chaos during the festive season that the weekend before Christmas has been dubbed Black-eye Friday and Mad Saturday.

And, this year has been no different as thousands of partygoers have overeindulged at nights out with friends or colleagues during the last full weekend before Christmas Day.

Revellers across the country could be seen struggling to cope with the effects of too much alcohol. Some were seen being helped by police while covered in blood, either as a result of falling down or fights, while women were struggling to stay upright on outrageously high heels.

Broken bottle

Some people simply lay down in the street and fell asleep. But other incidents were much more serious. While police did not have details of the number of arrests or incidents over the weekend, one man was repeatedly stabbed with a broken bottle during a night out in Manchester. Other fights broke out on city centre streets and some revellers were injured by falling over and hitting their heads.

Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe praised officers for working around the clock in London to protect the city while people were enjoying festive celebrations. More than 50 London MPs and Assembly members opted to join police officers on foot patrol to see the pressures facing the force during the Christmas period.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said police officers were doing a “tremendous job” of keeping Londoneres safe.

As Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, the authorities fear that this Friday could actually be the busiest in Britain’s town and city centres, and police officers, paramedics and volunteers will be out in force again to try to ensure that partygoers enjoy festive nights out without coming to any harm or causing disorder. However, it may well be that there are two Black-eye Fridays this year.


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