FIFA Fines England for Poppies


Fifa has declared a fine totaling of £35,000 towards the English football association due to the players wearing poppies which have been banned by Fifa for any team to display.

England was in a match against Scotland for the 2018 qualifying for the World Cup, and Scotland as well had received a fine, though the fine only reached up to £15,700.

The Football Association however have established the idea of their final demand for these fines.

The English and Scottish teams had worn the poppies to symbolize the battle on Armistice Day as they were having the match in Wembley.

Both sides were well aware of the potential consequences from wearing the poppies.

The poppies were also worn by fans who attended the match, along with it being displayed on the big screen as well.

The English team was given a far higher fine due to the Football Association being involved with setting up more poppies that had been displayed outside along with inside the stadium as well.

Other Nations Fined as Well

Among the list of nations that had received fines for the display, however temporary it was, were Northern Ireland and Wales.

The incident had occurred while they playing against Serbia and Azerbaijan, and although neither team actually wore a poppy shirt, for a short and quick instant before the match started, a poppy wreath had been displayed.

Both teams had been worried about having a full on display of the poppies due to the possible reduction in points or large fines that would soon come afterwards.

Nonetheless, a fine was still given for the short poppy display. The Republic of Ireland has also received a fine of £4,000 for portraying a political symbol that represented those who had died during the Easter Rising as they had played against the Swiss team.

Why Does the Poppy Matter?

Although the poppy shirt itself or logo is not insulting, and Fifa has expressed their understanding in showing appreciation and respect for the deeper meanings behind them and to remember the casualties of war and those who sacrificed themselves within the military, the fact remains simple. C

laudio Sulser, chairman of the Fifa disciplinary committee stated that when it’s time for football in the stadium, neither politics nor religion should be focused on. It should be all about the sport only.


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