Fifteen Year Old Boy Stabbed Outside of School


Quamari Barnes, 15, was stabbed repeatedly till his death was certain just outside the gates of school within Willesden, in the north western region of London.

The incident occurred in the afternoon of last Monday, and his body had been found with several stab wounds.

As Barnes was found on the floor, he was hospitalized immediately but was confirmed dead just moments as he arrived to the hospital.

While Barnes was rushed to the hospital, reports have revealed that he had one last dialogue with his mother in which he had said “goodbye” to her just before being confirmed dead.

Waiting at the Bus Stop

Barnes was said to just be waiting along at the bus stop which is when he was first targeted in the attack.

Afterwards he escaped and ran to the Capital City Academy situated in Doyle Gardens.

As Barnes was running for his life, eye witnesses to the scene recall the young boy shouting in the street that was someone trying to stab him. Barnes repeated his cry for help numerous times.

Cry Unheard

As Barnes continued to cry for help, he then fell just several yards away from Academy’s gates. The mother of Barnes is currently in a state of shock and distress and has been under the support of Barnes’s aunts.

One person remarked on the matter by saying that the boy’s mother has yet to process the fact that her little boy is gone forever.

The person added that the 15 year old boy had a beautiful and pure heart, and cannot make sense of all of this and why he would ever be targeted.

Barnes’s request for help was not met as the stabber chased him all the way outside of the school gates, in which hundreds of other pupils have expressed their condolences by laying flowers outside the gate this morning.


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