Floods in California and Nevada Lead to Evacuation


Mudslides, intense floods, destructive winds, and lightning have all been taken place for the past few days in California and Nevada due to destructive and harsh winter storms.

Over 1,000 homes have been reported to evacuate due to the overflowing of the streams, and as of last Tuesday the region had been issued a flood warning.

Predictions have been made regarding a second possible storm to hit the region on Monday evening, and the Russian River in California and the Truckee River situated near Reno in Nevada have both been reported to have overflown their banks, and the floods are expected to last for several days.

Temporary Shut Down

Due to all the chaotic accumulation of incidents from the storm, schools were forced to shut down temporarily at Sonoma, in which the residents in the hundreds presiding in it were forced to evacuate, with thousands of other residents enduring constant power outages, and the roads have been deemed completely impassible for the time being.

The harsh and drenching rain in the northern area of Sierra Nevada have led to the worries of anticipated avalanches, due to the rain completely drenching the snow.

Serious Measures for Now

Emergency officials had evacuated about 400 homes in Nevada which affected at least 1,300 other residents in the other due to the overflowing of the banks from the Truckee River.

The National Weather Service stated on the entire ordeal by saying that “this is a serious flood situation,” and warnings of further floods have been issued and are expected to occur along the eastern front of Sierra along with the western region of Nevada.

As of now there have been no reports of serious or critical injuries or deaths, but the most destructive and troubling flood has yet to arrive in the area of Sparks, an industrial based region where 25,000 people currently work.


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