Formula One ace Michael Schumacher has racked up a £14 million medical bill since ski accident


Formula One superstar Michael Schumacher has racked up a huge £13.8 million medical bill since he was injured in a skiing accident three years ago.

It is now the third anniversary of the accident, in which Mr Schumacher, a seven times world champion, was horrifically injured in the French Alps while he was skiing with his son.

The sports star was put in a medically induced coma to give him the best chance of survival. And, while his condition is understood to have stabilised, Mr Schumacher is very private and very few details have emerged about his condition. Now, new reports have emerged, suggesting that the bill for his ongoing medical care now stands at nearly £14 million.

According to reports, he has a team of 15 medical professionals caring for him at his home in Geneva, Switzerland, costing £115,000 every week.

Head injuries

Mr Schumacher has been wearing a helmet when he had the accident on December 29, 2013. However, when he hit his head on a rock during a fall, his helmet cracked and he suffered devastating injuries. It is known that he was in a coma for half a year following the accident, but members of Mr Schumacher’s inner circle say that they will never release further details about his condition, because it is a private medical matter.

Earlier this month, his manager Sabine Kehm said that his health was not a public issue, so no comment would be made. However, his former teammate Johnny Herbert has spoken briefly about the 47 year old’s plight, saying only that he has good days and bad days.

Another friend, Ross Bawn, said that his convalescence was being conducted in private. He said he would not comment any further, other than to say he was hopeful that the Michael they once knew would be seen at some time in future years.



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