Friends pay tribute to couple found dead together in their car


Friends of a couple who were found dead inside their car have paid tribute to them. The man has now been named as car enthusiast Tom Putt, 20, who was a big fan of the Fast and Furious blockbuster.

He was found dead in a blue Ford Focus along with his partner Nikki Willis, a 23 year old shop assistant. Currently, police are treating their deaths as unexplained, but say there were worries bout “noxious substances” which are understood to have been found in the vehicle.

The couple were found in the car, which was parked outside Miss Willis’ home in Essex. They were first seen in the car at around 9am and it is not clear how long they had been dead for before they were discovered.


According to witnesses, there was a loud bang just minutes before the pair were discovered. A neighbour said it sounded as if a can was exploding.

Friends and loved ones have now paid tribute to the tragic pair on social media. In one social media group called Car Society, a video was posted with the soundtrack of the Fast and Furious film.


It was shared with the message: ‘R.I.P to a young friends who sadly passed away together. Thoughts are with their family and friends.’ The video finished with the tribute: “Gone but never forgotten”.

Miss Willis’ cousin Claire Watts said she was devastated and could not believe what had happned. It is understood that Mr Putt was serving as an apprentice with the Ford Motor Company.

Police say they are continuing with their investigation and are urging anyone with information to come forward. Post mortem examinations are set to be carried out to determine the cause of the deaths. Following the incident, the Ford Focus could be seen covered with a taupaulin while investigators searched for evidence.


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