Further French terror attack is foiled


France has already suffered from terror attacks which have killed hundreds in Nice and Paris. And now authorities say they have foiled a further attack which was being planned by a group of long-term friends.

Four people, all in their 30s, had been planning to commit a terror attack in France, which could have happened within days, on the orders of an Islamic State terrorist organisation in Iraq or Syria.

The details were revealed by Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, who said that the unit of four had now been arrested in Strasbourg before they could go ahead with their plan. It is believed that the date for the attack would have been December 1, although it is not known where they were set to hit.

Meanwhile, a fifth person has been arrested in Marseille. However that person is not beieved to have been in contact with the other four, but was being urged to carry out an attack by the same Isis member.

While there was no detail about where the five people were intending to strike, security has been tightened at police headquarters in Paris, which was said to have been one of the targets.

French President Francois Hollande said a “large-scale attack” has been prevented. France remains on a state of high alert following terror attacks in Nice, in which a gunman used a truck to plough into innocent civilians, and in Paris where concert goers and people at a football game and in bars and restaurants were killed.

When they arrested, two of the Strasbourg four had downloaded the Periscope app. It is believed they were planning to livestream their attack on the internet using smartphones. They also had guns and ammunition.

Mr Molins said: “All five men had a “clear will to find and to identify targets to commit an act in the very short term.”




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