George Michael “Hooked on Liquid G Sex Drug”


A former lover of George Michael, escort Paul Stag has said the singer was hooked on Liquid G a sex drug.

Liquid G is also known as chems and GHB.

Paul Stag dated George Michael from 2004 to 2013.  He said that he believes the drug was in his system when he died on Christmas Day.

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, he said, “George was mad on G. He loved it. It is 100 per cent he would have had chems on Christmas Eve before his death.”

According to Mr Stag, 48, George Michael would text him the word “Champagne” when he wanted the drug.  When he did they would meet up and have sex.

He continued, “He was incredibly sexually active and in his mind drugs equalled sex and sex equalled drugs. My belief is he didn’t separate that until the day he died.”

Couldn’t Handle Liquid G

Mr Stag stated that he could not handle the drugs and he could see a “car crash” end to his relationship with the singer.

He said, “I saw him collapse many, many times. He threw up on my bathroom floor and I had to kick him out of my house.”

By all accounts, George Michael summoned Mr Stag about 500 times through a nine year period, sometimes just to buy the drugs from him.  Sometimes he paid £200 for the drug which he transferred in shampoo bottles.

They met through a gay magazine in 2004.  Mr Stag works in the porn industry.  He said he couldn’t remember having sex with George Michael without the use of the drug.

He went on to state he carried on supplying the drug as he feared George Michael would get the drugs from a different, less trustworthy source.

Currently, police are awaiting toxicology test results.  He died unexpectedly on Christmas Day.


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