Good News for the Gingers


For several years now, redheads have requested for a ginger emoji to be made available.

Although the campaigns for this matter have been going on for years, it seems that their wishes might just be granted quite soon.

Emojipedia has stated that a pitch has been sent to the Emoji Subcommittee, in which they have been suggesting just as to how to portray the entire range of the ginger emoji.

Several redheads have criticized the lack of a ginger emoji, saying that there seems to be a prejudice against them and some even declaring this is an act of ‘gingerism.’

Emoji Discrimination

Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia, has stated that for the past several months the most often complaint they have been receiving was in regards to the non-existence of a ginger emoji.

Such a cause was praised and supported by CopperCab, a well-known YouTuber who is involved in campaigns for the equality of redheads.

CopperCab stated that he sees this whole cause as an extremely important one due to the emoji language serving as a rapidly growing language worldwide.

The YouTuber added that gingers, who are at the end a minority, should receive the right for being represented on the language of emojis.

Everyone Deserves Emojis

CopperCab went on to say that every person has the right to an emoji, and expressed his delight upon the news that tech companies would be looking into the matter and producing the long awaited ginger emojis.

The redhead campaigner says that this move would do wonders for young ginger kids who may be undergoing threats and bullying from others simply because of being a redhead.

The approval of a ginger emoji would ease this matter by normalizing the appearances of a redhead wherever you go, according to CopperCab.

“Anti-redhead sentiment is absolutely a form of racism!” CopperCab declared.


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