Google’s Preferred promotion


Android is one of the leading smart phone manufacturer, got in to legal trouble with European Union Commission, who accused Google of exploiting its dominance. European Union indicted that Google manipulates the search results and restrict its users to their own advertised services. To put it in simpler choice of words their search results falsely show their shopping service results and not what other companies might also be offering. That is the search results are biased. Moreover, they by default Google has applications stored in their smart phones leaving less of choice for the customer to choose from somewhere else.

European Union Commissioner, Margreth Vestager, suspected Google of forcing the Android users to have Google Chrome search engine as default search engine and cheating customers by compelling them to have Google play store to have access to various applications in their phone.

The European Union Commissioner considering the competition law stated that Google confines the ability of the customer by influencing the search results, to the point that purchases by customers are actually being forced on them by showing results which Google prefers. The European Union further said that it is being done very systematically regardless of the relevance of the provided result. The complaint filed clearly states that Google is abusing the trust of general public and taking advantage of their dominance in the World Wide Web of their enormity.

Although Google denied the charges, but analysts are worried about the Google share in the stock market might remain hurly-burly until the case is investigated and sorted out with U.S antitrust agency. In accordance with the accusations, Google makes good number of Dollars with the pre-installed applications in the smart phones and generate its web traffic. This is particularly taken a forceful generation of audience.

An official competition commission will be made that will investigate the matter. This investigation will take five years resulting in a compensatory punishment by Google to European Union of worth   6.2 billion Euros, which equivalent 10 percent of the annual sales made by Google.

Although this case might be damaging to Google not just in case of fan following but also in terms of stock market and finances, but there have been previous accusatory cases as well in the past. Google is currently fighting in the European Union and expects to be able to come out clean, by declaring strategies and revenues against businesses like Amazon.


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