Gordon Kaye from ‘Allo ‘Allo!’s Dies at 75


Renowned actor Gordon Kaye, better known for his role as Rene Artois from the famous sitcom on the BBC ‘Allo ‘Allo!’ has died at the age of 75.

The death of the celebrity was confirmed as he passed away at a care home in the hours of the morning last Monday.

Gordon had performed in all of the 84 episodes of the famous sitcom, along with even performing it live on stage.

Several tributes were paid to Gordon after news of his death had spread across the news.

The Witty Man

Co-stars of Gordon from the sitcom along with other shows have expressed their condolences to the brilliant actor, each one describing him in their own unique manner.

One former co-star of his from the BBC Radio 4 comical show of ‘For Better or for Worse’ referred to Gordon as an extremely clever, witty and appealing character as a whole.

Pollard says that although Gordon kept a lot of his personal life quite undisclosed, he was still nonetheless a polite man who was always eager in conversing with his fans.

Pollard added that Gordon was very grateful and content in being able to make life’s passion become his career.

A Passion of Roles

Gordon was born in the city of Huddersfield, and in his autobiography he stated that his first name was misspelled by the acting union Equity, but he decided to keep it regardless.

The actor’s first major role was in the soap opera Coronation Street in ITV.

Afterwards he received numerous opportunities for other roles in various sitcoms such as ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ and ‘Are You Being Served?’ to name a few. However in 1990 Gordon’s acting career had ended when he received head injuries that left him in a critical state.

The event, known as the Burns’ Day Storm had tossed a board through the windscreen of his car. In 2007 however, Gordon made his return and performed a one time show for the sitcom of ‘Allo ‘Allo!


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