Government Hospitals Adorned By Artworks To Encourage The Victims Of Bhopal Gas Tragedy


O Henry’s short story, The Last Leaf, the real-life adaptation inspires over 150 sculptors, potters and artists to dedicate their art to the hospitals while encouraging the patients and victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1984).

The move is an initiative by the BGTRRD (Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Department) with an aim to help the patient cum victims suffering since last 33 years of the tragedy to fight the depression. The aim was to make the six government hospitals that treated the victims vibrant and colorful to give the positive energy to the victims.

The six government hospitals will be adorned with paintings like Green Tress, Smiling Faces, Rising Sun, Blowing Flowers and other art forms to relieve the sufferings of one of the world’s largest industrial disaster victims. The source from the department mentions that these hospitals on an average attend 1000 to 800 patients of the tragedy on daily basis. Over 250 artistic creations were installed in the hospitals.

More than three decades ago, the Union Carbide’s Bhopal plant killed and maimed thousands of people with the deadly gas leakage. The Minister of Gas Relief and Rehab, Vishwas Sarang mentioned that the Bhopal gas tragedy whenever mentioned only debris, bodies in the black and white picture and the disastrous scene pops into our minds. The observation in the patients’ resulted that they are still under the trauma of the tragedy and depression is the major cause of their prolonged illness. He further explains that the artistic visuals and ambience will help patients with great relief and inspiration.

A renowned artist from the city, Devilal Patidar mentions that they are honored and proud to be part of this noble initiative. He adds by saying that every artist will try his/her best to make the gas affected people smile while there it feels better to heal the wound.

A patient from the Kamla Nehru Hospital, Salma Khan says that the art installation is soothing to our eyes while relieving us from the thoughts of our incurable disease.


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