Half of All Primates May be Facing Extinction


New studies have revealed a shocking and disturbing figure regarding just as to how well the planet’s primate species are doing.

According to the information revealed, more than half of all of the currently over 500 species that exist today are under threat into facing extinction.

Such species of these primates include gorillas, lemurs, along with also monkeys, who have been said to also face a possible extinction.

Researchers on this matter were completely surprised as they had seen a major decline in the populations of the species, as this serves as the first study regarding the populations of primates.

Not Good

Paul Garber, a researcher from the University of Illinois referred to this entire realization as a “bigger wake up call,” and adding that looking at the outlook on this matter, nothing seems to be looking good.

The researchers had anticipated a decline in the populations but had underestimated just as to how low the figures had reached.

According to the research on this matter, the major decline in the populations is strictly due to actions carried out by humans.

Such actions include hunting, oil and gas drilling, logging, the enormous expansion humans have done for agriculture, and other factors as well.

Suffering As a Result

As a result of such actions being committed by the human race, one such species for instance, the Grauer’s gorilla, had a population of 17,000 back in 1995.

According to the research on its population today, that number has plummeted to 3,800.

The lemurs have been said to specifically being under threat to extinction, as in Madagascar alone due to excessive hunting, their populations have seen a major decline.

However, reports say that about 94 percent of the entire lemur population globally face a threat of extinction. Dr.Garber says that these population declines should serve as nothing less but signals that they will be seeing some dark days in the future.


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