Harsh Weather Forces Cargo Ship to Sink Off of Kent


Reports have stated that a cargo ship sailing off the coast of Kent has just sunk due to the severe and destructive temperatures and had been exposed to disparaging speeds of wind of up to 50 mph.

The authorities immediately underwent a search and rescue operation and were able to salvage the lives of seven people who were pulled out of the extremely freezing waters.

The operation took place last night after it was revealed that the cargo ship had sunk about 40 miles off of the north eastern region of the Ramsgate coast.

The rescue ships were confronted by destructive winds as they conducted their operations but were able to rescue the seven members that were aboard the ship.

Impossible Rescue

A UK Coastguard duty commander, Steve Carson, stated that the crew members had signaled a Mayday alert prior to them fleeing from the sunken ship.

Mr. Carson says that despite the difficult and almost impossible conditions of the destructive weather, they still managed to locate and get all the crew members to safety.

The crew have been sent to the hospital to receive treatment at the moment.

A witness on Saturday stated that coastguards have been deployed on every inch of the beach to provide additional safety.

In Safe Hands

The physical and mental conditions of all seven crew members have not been disclosed at the moment, and it is uncertain whether any have undergone any type of sickness or injury.

The UK has been struck with an immense and harsh state of freezing temperatures for the past week specifically, and regions such as the Eastern coast have been issued a warning for 17 predicted floods that would cause extreme damage to the areas.

The winds that took down the cargo ship were reported to rush at an intimidating speed of 50 mph, and more warnings can be expected to come in the near future.


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