Hate Politics Not the Way to go!


In recent times the attitude of people towards each other has changed. There is a game of hate politics being played at large effecting masses in a negative way. Who is to blame for this?

The bulk of the blame goes to politicians and media!

The strict measures of the coalition supported by the media pointed a wrong finger towards the immigrants who actually were in need of support. Keeping aside the important work done by immigrants a program telecasted showing them as out casts received high ratings.

On top of all this the government is showing a harsh attitude towards people who are coming in escaping from torture, poverty and wars. Instead showing mercy towards them the government is busier in selling arms to dictatorships and supporting its interests in other countries.

If a politician who shows some interest in the matters of the country and promises change on different platforms towards a more friendly and non-hate policy emerges he/she is attacked by media blaming them for not facing the realities of the country.

This matter is grave and should be the center of attention right now as the most important issue. Otherwise this could lead to a worse situation in the country. With Terrorism on the rise it is important to resolve internal matters so the focus should be on dealing with Terrorism alone.

Getting involved in matters of other countries ignoring internal matters at hand is a grave mistake on the part of the government.

Another example is Brexit which was led by the lies of the politicians and on top of that Britain is currently drowning in to the mud of hate politics. If we look at stats 37.5% of the electorate voted for Brexit…is this a majority? Meaning 62.5% of the politicians did not want to leave. This clearly proves that Brexit was a mistake.

If we ignore constitutional matters for some time regarding referendum status, currently we have a mandate on the basis of minority. In truth referendums should determine the majority and should be used to select a mandate. A perfect example is of what happened in Scotland in 1979.

To conclude current political trend in Britain is dangerous and should be changed if people wish to see a change. This path might lead to disastrous results for Britain in the long run and can lead to internal unrest.


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