Hundreds Arrested During Inauguration Day Protests


On the day of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, thousands took to the streets to protest his swearing in.

Last Friday violence was reported to occur in several areas, with vandalism of properties as well as a limousine being set ablaze were reported.

The police had clashed with several of the protestors, and about 217 arrests were reported to have been made by the authorities.

Peter Newsham, the Washington interim police chief says that from those who had created disorder in the streets, they serve as a tiny fraction of the large group whose intentions were to protest in a peaceful manner.

A Necessary Response

Authorities were forced to respond to some of the protestors by means of pepper spraying them, along with other types of riot control devices.

The Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed that 217 people were taken into custody during the protests.

Six officers from the Metropolitan Authorities were reported to have been injured, although the injuries were in no way critical or severe.

Three of those six officers were said to have received injuries to the head as some protestors had tossed flying objects on them.

Disorder in the Thousands

Thousands had took to the streets on the day of the inauguration in Washington State.

Several reports claim that a few had even attempted to create a blockade on security checkpoints that were deployed that lead the way to the festivities of the inauguration.

Meanwhile, in areas other than Washington, protests have also sprouted up in defiance of Donald Trump.

San Francisco had seen some demonstrations along with those who rallied outside of Trump Tower within New York City.

Videos have emerged showing protestors vandalizing a bank and a Starbucks who were breaking the glass with signs and other sticks.

The authorities stated several of these protestors were chased down and had committed acts leading to the destruction of property.


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