Hunt for Shooter of US Official in Mexico


The Mexican authorities are currently on a hunt for the gunman who had shot and injured a U.S. consular official at the city of Guadalajara situated in the western region of Mexico.

Surveillance footage reveals the unidentified shooter allegedly following the U.S. official inside a parking lot, then within moments in the footage pulled out a gun just as soon as the official had entered into his car and proceeded to open fire at him.

The American official’s identity has not been disclosed to the public, and had received a gunshot wound to his chest, but has been reported to be in a stable and secure physical condition, according to the latest statements made by Mexico’s attorney general office.

Reward for Capture

After the incident took place the FBI had issued a reward with $20,000 to be given to anyone who has any knowledge regardless how small or large that would potentially lead to the capture and identity of the gunman at large. This statement was released by the U.S. Embassy situated in Mexico City.

A Safe City

The city of Guadalajara, being the second largest city in Mexico has been regarded as relatively safe and has not in any way been somewhat what affected or affiliated with the extreme and brutal cases of violence that has been ongoing by the Mexican drug cartels, who have afflicted and threatened several regions of Mexico.

However, the U.S. State Department has issued several precautions for those who plan to travel to Guadalajara and other areas of Jalisco due its close borders to states such as Zacatecas and Michoacan, in which several reports regarding extreme cases of tension and violence have been seen.

There have been attacks prior to this incident on U.S. officials in Mexico in which they had apparently turned to be false, but it is clear from this surveillance footage that the gunman had intentionally aimed for the U.S. official.


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